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Best Intractable Lower Back Pain Treatment | Causes

Intractable Lower Back Pain

Some health issues will ruin our life based on its intensity. In the same fashion, Intractable Lower Back Pain is also one of the dangerous pains. There are some back pains which can be cured within time but this Intractable Back Pain cannot be cured. Do you want to know the causes and Intractable Lower Back Pain Treatment,  then let’s get roll down.

Intractable Lower Back Pain Treatment

Causes of Intractable Back Pain:

Generally, back pain is common in everyone life. But sometimes this pain will increase to the severe stage where it cannot be reduced and cured. This is called Intractable Back Pain. However, there are different types of back pain which cause discomfort to complete our daily routine. Few of them like Sciatica, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia….etc. Among those types Intractable Lower Back Pain is the one which we are discussing.

Here are some of the causes for Intractable Lower Back Pain Treatment

  • It may cause by slipping the disc happens to any part of the Spine
  • Kidney stones
  • Prostate gland inflammation
  • Maybe of Premenstrual Syndrome
  • Extend growing of tissues in the Uterine cavity
  • Due to any Infection in Spinal cord
  • During Pregnancy
  • Injuries during physical activity
  • Less Bone Density

Intractable Lower Back Pain Treatment

However,  there is no treatment for Intractable back pain. But here are some which useful for Lower Back Pain Treatment.


  • We generally go for the temporary pain relief medication when pain occurs. But it works only during the starting stage of pain. So it better to reduce the pain in the mild stage itself by the sprays, balms and pain reliefs.

Sesame Oil:

  • Sesame oil is a very good natural ingredient to get relief from the pain. Massage the area with few drops of sesame oil for about 15 – 20 minutes and leave it for a while.


  • This is a natural way to reduce pain. However, yoga includes slow moving and perfect gestures to reduce the pain slowly and maybe permanently. So, do follow some yoga poses and perform it daily to get good results.


  • If their condition is too serious to handle then it’s better to approach a doctor. If requires to go for the surgery as it gives the permanent solution to the pain.

 Apply Heat or Cold:

  • This is also another temporary way to get relief from the pain. Place ice cubes on the pain-prone area for until you feel relief but don’t forget to give break for every 10 minutes.
  • However, placing a heat bag can also give you relief.

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