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Can I go Swimming After Nose Piercing | Health Tips

Swimming After Nose Piercing

There are many places for facial piercing. But when it comes to the Nose piercing it gives an additional beauty to our face. Want to know about piercing of nose, then just scroll down to below article to know about nose piercing types, nose piercing healing, How to Clean a Nose piercing, Can I go Swimming After Nose Piercing.

Can I go Swimming After Nose Piercing

Nose piercing types:

This piercing is done to any form of the cartilage of the Nose area. Some of them will pierce for tradition while some of them will pierce for medical problems. This piercing is done with a needle passing through the cartilage making a hole to place the stud of jewelry. The jewelry uses for this nose piercing are Nose stud, Curved barbell, straight barbell, Captive bed ring, and nose bridge.

There are many types of in this piercing,

  • Nostril: In this type, piercing is done on either side of the nostrils. This is a very common type of piercing. For this, nose stud will give a beautiful look.
  • Nose Bridge: In this type, the piercing is done at the place between the eyes corners on the nose. For this, Straight barbell, and nose bridge will suit.
  • Nasal Septum: In this type, the piercing is done at the cartilage which separates the airways into the nose. curved barbell will suite for this type of piercing.

Nose piercing Healing:

The healing period may vary depending on the type of the piercing on the nose. However

nose piercing healing

  • Nostril: It takes 4 to 6 months.
  • Nose Bridge: It takes 8 to 12 weeks.
  • Nasal Septum: It takes 6 to 8 weeks.

In addition, to this, it depends on how you taking care of the piercing and healthy food.

How to Clean a Nose piercing

The cleaning should perform right after the moment of the piercing. Aftercare of piercing s all about how hygiene we are with the piercing. After the piercing, we observe some form of crust around the piercing. So to know How to Clean a Nose piercing follow steps,

  • Firstly purchase or prepare a saline solution.
  • Then soak the place to heal in the solution. After soaking remove the crust by using a cotton swab.
  • Because of the saline solution, it prevents the piercing to get rid of bacteria and other infection-causing germs.

how to clean a nose piercing

Can I go Swimming After Nose Piercing

Some of the precautions to follow after noise piercing. Well, some of them like washing hand while touching piercing, not using cosmetic on the piercing, using harsh products. However, going to swimming is also prohibited after nose piercing. Because the swimming is the thing where the bacteria in water can easily cause infections. Not only swimming we have to avoid hot tub is also a better idea.

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