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Dental Deep Cleaning | Process and Side Effects of Teeth Scaling

Dental Deep Cleaning

We take different kinds of food through the mouth. Teeth play a major role to cut and grind it. Without teeth, we cannot grind it. So, it is important to take care of the teeth. Dental Deep Cleaning is the process to have a deep clean for our teeth. It is also called Teeth Scaling. But what teeth scaling meaning is the question now. Well, roll down to the article to find the answer. In addition, you can also know Does teeth cleaning hurt, Dental deep cleaning side effects…

Dental deep cleaning side effects

What Teeth Scaling Meaning

This is the process to remove the tartar and plaque in the mouth. However, removing the formed bacteria which is present on the teeth, gumline, between the teeth,  chewing area, back of the teeth. The reasons for the formation of plaque is not brushing or flossing our teeth within 24 of eating. This plaque will form a biofilm and observes the mineral content in the saliva. Thus, it forms a layer of plaque which is pale yellow in color. This will break down the connection of gum and teeth, even causes inflammation in the mouth also. So, it better to remove the plaque by the Dental Deep Cleaning (or) Teeth Scaling process.

What Teeth Scaling Meaning

However, this process involves different stages

  • Firstly, removing the dental plaque and the biofilm from the teeth. It is called Scaling.
  • Then the teeth roots will subject to the smoothing this is called root planing.
  • The above stages are done with the hand instruments like periodontal scaler and Curettes.
  • Even electric instruments like Sonic Scaler, Ultrasonic scaler will use for these stages.

After knowing what teeth scaling meaning then your mind will roam around a question of Does teeth cleaning hurt. Well, scroll down a little for the answer…..

Does teeth cleaning hurt

Generally, a deep cleaning process cannot hurt much. But some of the factors will hurt and not allow us for the next dental appointment. Sometimes our teeth will tend to sensitivity. For this, we need to apply some fluoride gel to our teeth inorder to avoid sensitivity.

Here, not the process hurts your teeth you but the problem in your teeth may hurt a lot during cleaning. Yes, if there is any problem with your teeth the cleaning process will hurt you a lot.

Does teeth cleaning hurt

Dental deep cleaning side effects

Some of the Dental deep cleaning side effects

  • As we discussed early the sensitive teeth will give more pain and after the process, it may give the severe sentivity of teeth also.
  • If your dentist is good at cleaning is ok if not you observe a type of swollen gums which even cause bleeding also.
  • Sometimes it really hurts while chewing the food.
  • Gives bad breath as well.
  • Moreover, it may lead to teeth damage and loosen.

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