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How Long Is Gingivitis Contagious | Gingivitis Treatment at Home

How Long Is Gingivitis Contagious

In addition to the Health care, Oral Care is a must for every individual. As food habits are changing the damage to teeth are also increasing. Gingivitis is one of those Oral problems. And it is a contagious disease. But here the question is How Long Is Gingivitis Contagious and about Gingivitis Treatment at Home.

How Long Is Gingivitis Contagious

About Gingivitis:

It is a contagious gum disease which causes inflammation at the site of gums. It can be treatable with a diagnosis and curable within a month. But, if the disease increases it may lead to severe damage for tooth like tooth unstable and loss, bleeding,…etc. This happens when the gums get infected with the leftover food and plaque storage near gums. S’more possibilities for this gum disease are Of course irregular brushing habits, Smoking habits including tobacco chewing, a lady with a pregnancy…..etc.

Gingivitis Treatment at Home

However, many of the people never mind the symptoms which leads to this gum disease. Some of them are

  • Inflammation near gums
  • Bleeding while brushing
  • Bad Breath
  • Pains while chewing
  • Redness near gums
  • Malocclusion

How Long Is Gingivitis Contagious

A question will rise after getting clarity about this contagious gum diseases and its symptoms i,e How Long Is Gingivitis Contagious. Well, apart from its duration it is bacterial gum disease which will get multiple in saliva. So, it’s better to identify early and get treatment as soon as possible. Because this disease will destroy the cells around the gums and allow more plaque to get deposited.

As said earlier, it can transfer from one person to the other while Sneezing, kissing, coughing, and even sharing things also which comes in contact with saliva. However, the transferred bacteria may not be harmful to other persons because of strong immunity power.

Gingivitis Treatment at Home

Any disease in its intail stage can be cured very easily. In the same fashion if you observe any of the above-stated symptoms follow these Gingivitis Treatment at Home.

  • Brush your teeth daily twice with antibacterial toothpaste
  • Floss it regularly
  • Rinse it with antibacterial mouthwash very often
  • If not with an antibacterial mouthwash, swish the salt solution in your mouth for 2-3 times daily.
  • Place cotton which is dipped in clove oil for about a 5 minutes
  • In the same way, mix the turmeric powder into a paste and apply on the area of the gum disease and leave it for about 15 mins. Finally, rinse it off with water. As turmeric is the best among the antibacterial things the continuous application will reduce the disease within 15 days.

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