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Korean Hairstyle Hime Cut Wig Types | Hair Care Tips

Korean Hairstyle Hime Cut Wig Types

Do you know what a Hime cut mean? If not, I am here to let you know about this hairstyle. If you want to go for a haircut then choose this hime cut because it gives a really cute look. If not, this cute Korean Hairstyle is also available in the different types of wig form. So, just follow the article Korean Hairstyle Hime Cut Wig Types to know more information.

About Hime Cut:

This is the Japanese haircut which literally means princess cut. It is straight long hair including straight sidelocks of cheek length and front fringes. In ancient Japanese, the girls are allowed to grow their hair for their entire life but when they turn 20 the hair on their face will be cut. So, from there the hime cut was originated.

Korean Hairstyle Hime Cut Wig Types

Generally, this haircut is better to have when you have a naturally straightening hair. If not it is difficult to maintain. However, it requires formulated shampoos and hair straightening to maintain its look. In addition, they are available in different colors also The types in hime cut are

Princess Mononoke Hime:

  • This is of short length one and having fringes with the shoulder length.

Hime Cut

Anime Hime:

  • This is also the short length hairstyle where it edges are tends to be out. The fringes are with the eye length.

Hairstyle Hime Cut Wig Types

Alice Garden Hime:

  • It is also the short chin length hair with chin length fringes.

Korean Hairstyle

Harajuku Princess Hime:

  • It is the elbow length hairstyle which has 2 steps of fringes. One is of chin length and the second is of eyebrow length.

Korean Hairstyle Hime

Kinomoto Sakura Hime:

  • This is somewhat the same as the Harajuku But only some part of hair s about of shoulder length.

Korean Hairstyle Hime Cut Wig

Tsubasa Sakura Hime:

  • This the short length hair which it has layers in it.

Hime Cut Wig Types

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