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Ultimate Guide for Tongue Frenulum Piercing | Health Tips

Tongue Frenulum Piercing

Have you ever heard about Tongue Piercing? Well, some of you right…! People with this tongue piercing, mostly young ones look so trendy. Do you like to have this piercing? If yes, then refer the following Ultimate Guide for Tongue Frenulum Piercing. In this, you will learn about Tongue piercing types, Tongue Piercing pain, Under tongue piercing aftercare.

Ultimate Guide for Tongue Frenulum Piercing

Tongue Piercing Types

It is a type of body piercing which is done to the tongue. It is common to have a tongue piercing in the western countries as it is the most popular body part to be pierced. Like many body piercing, this tongue Piercing also has many types.

  • Horizontal: The piercing is done along the horizontal to the tongue.
  • Mid Line: This is done right in the exact middle of the tongue.
  • Snake eyes: The named itself indicates that it looks like snake eyes, which is done to the tip of the tongue in a horizontal way.
  • Sideway: This is done to one of the sides of the tongue.
  • Frenulum: This is different from the above piercings. Because it is done to the frenulum(the flesh under the tongue which joins the tongue to the mouth).

The process will start by checking the placement of nerves in the tongue with a blue light. Making sure of the placement of the vein they mark a place to pierce. With the help of the needle, they pierce and remove it by replacing the needle with jewelry you want. Finally, the process will complete by attaching the other end jewelry. It is better to check their itself in the studio to do any changes.

Tongue Piercing pain

Tongue Piercing pain

Not everyone can get this piercing on to the tongue. It depends on different factors like the length of the tongue, place of the vein, age and even certain health conditions also.

Tongue Piercing Types

When it comes to the tongue piercing pain, it normal to have a sore feeling right after the process of piercing. Some experience the pain is similar to the vaccination and other may hurt more than it. But in general, it is a different one to other. However, everyone has their own unique body anatomy. But ultimately it depends on the care we take after the piercing. Now the question is what are the things to do for Under tongue piercing aftercare.

What are the things to do for Under tongue piercing aftercare

Generally, the swelling will last for 5 days. And it takes 3-4 weeks to heal completely. But it pains when the jewel comes to contact with teeth and when you bite the jewel also. The aftercare plays an important role in the period of healing. We have to follow some of the things should avoid during this period

What are the things to do for Under tongue piercing aftercare

  • Do not play with the jewel.
  • Avoid alcohol, smoke.
  • Do not eat food which is hard to chew and sour.
  • No Oral relationship.
  • Better to avoid spicy food also.
  • Don’t take aspirin and paracetamol.
  • Avoid Alcoholic Mouthwashes. If you want, then add an equal ratio of water to use it.

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