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Ultimate Natural Ways to Get Rid of a Sinus Infection

Ultimate Natural Ways to Get Rid of a Sinus Infection

We think that a running nose is a symptom of common cold and runs for medication. But how safe is to have medication all the time you have a common cold? For your information, it also may be a sign of having a Sinus Infection. Don’t Panic. If you are in the category of a sinus infection and suffering from its pain then you have reached the right platform to find a solution. Well, the following are some of the Natural Ways to Get Rid of a Sinus Infection like Pressure points to relieve sinus pressureHerbs for sinusAyurvedic medicine for Sinus.

Ultimate Natural Ways to Get Rid of a Sinus Infection

About Sinus Infection:

The condition which has nasal congestion and inflammation in one’s nasal cavity results in Sinus Infection. It usually gets clear within 2 days. If it is a chronic one then it may last for up to 8 weeks also. It includes the symptoms of Headache, nasal congestion, facial pain near eyes, ears, runny nose…etc.

Natural Ways to Get Rid of a Sinus Infection

It’s nothing wrong to have medication for this unbearable pain but what about if the medication makes us addicted to it. It is dangerous to have medication for this type of condition. So, here are some Natural Ways to Get Rid of a Sinus Infection. Just scroll down to blow off…

Pressure points to relieve sinus pressure:

Naturally, we have some pressure point on our body to get rid of some pains by use of Acupressure therapy. Among those, we also have some Pressure points to relieve sinus pressure. Follow the below Sinus relief pressure points.

Pressure points to relieve sinus pressure Sinus relief pressure points

  • A point between Nose and Cheek: Apply the gentle pressure and massage for about 3 minutes between the point where the nose and cheek area meets.
  • Between index and thumb finger: It is a well know acupressure area for Sinus relief pressure points. Apply some pressure on the up and lower sides of the index and thumb finger meets area.
  • A point on the side left-palm: Apply some pressure and massage on the area of side left palm for about 10 mins.

Stimulating one of the above 3 points may give instant relief from Sinus Infection.

Ayurvedic medicine for Sinus:

Apart from acupressure, if you have much time and want to get a brief relief then follow some of the Ayurvedic medicine for Sinus.

Ayurvedic medicine for Sinus

  • Apply a cotton tab dipped in Eucalyptus oil and massage the area for about 5 minutes. Because it will also release the nasal area from congestion and a best Ayurvedic medicine for Sinus.
  • Include some Spicy Food in your meals. This will help to clear the formed mucus in the nasal area.
  • Steam your face or take some hot shower.

Herbs for sinus:

Natural herbs also play a crucial role in Sinus. Try some of these Herbs for sinus relief.

Herbs for sinus

  • Herbs for sinus like Ginger, Garlic, Turmeric, Basil,….etc will give the instant relief from a sinus infection.
  • Take Ginger and Lemon tea for about twice a day.
  • Boil some Basil leave with water until the water turns into a green colour. Strain the Basil Water and drink it.
  • Mix a pinch of turmeric in the boiling milk and have this Turmeric Milk for about at least once in a day.



  • Yoga may be the slowest procedure to reduce the sinus pain but it gives a permanent solution.
  • In yoga, Pranayama is the basic form of yoga where it has many health benefits, especially for a nasal infection.
  • Because the yoga pose includes the exercise with the nose itself.
  • However, the process for this yoga asana is that we have to sit firmly on the ground with folding our legs inwards under thighs.
  • Next by closing eyes, holding one of the nostril open we have to inhale.
  • Followed by close the inhaled nostril and we have to exhale through the other nostril.
  • Repeat the process for about 5 minutes, and exchange the inhale, exhale nostrils.

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