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Unbelieving Top most Migraine Relief Hacks | Health Care

Unbelieving Top most Migraine Relief Hacks

Are you suffering from a Migraine and want to get rid of it? If, yes then follow the article Unbelieving Top most Migraine Relief Hacks for more details about to have relief from a Migraine. In addition, this also provided by the information about What is a Migraine Position, Difference between migraine vs headache.

Unbelieving Top most Migraine Relief Hacks

What is a Migraine Position

This migraine is a series of regular beats of pain which usually occurs one side of the head and both sides of the head also. Sometimes it affects neck and face also.  According to the medical researches, this is because of the irregular blood flow and the substances flow in the part of the brain. The pain becomes more when we do any physical activity and even heavy intensity of light and sound also.

What is a Migraine Position

Difference between migraine vs headache

  • In the case of an intensity of pain, the headache will tend to mild to moderate only. But in the case of a Migraine, it may tend to severe also. S0, a Migraine is the severe pain of a headache.
  • However, a steady ache is common in both cases.
  • A headache has the pain in the form of crushing sensation or aching. While in a migraine it is a pounding of regular beats of pain.
  • A migraine has the symptoms of vomiting, nausea, and migraine aura where a headache is not.

Difference between migraine vs headache

Unbelieving Top most Migraine Relief Hacks

Here are some of the hacks which can reduce a migraine not permanently but effectively.

Slip away from light:

  • The intensity of light i.e glare and bright light can also increase a migraine. So, staying away from the light will reduce the intensity of pain also. Choose a dark place and relax for some time to reduce it.

Having a Deep Breathe:

  • As irregular blood flow leading to a migraine. Then it’s better to stay calm and by having a deep breath can reduce the pain where it helps to proper blood flow to the nerves in the brain.

Spicy Herbal Tea:

  • The ingredients in the kitchen like ginger, pepper….etc can help to reduce the pain. So, prepare tea with any of the spicy herbs.

Ice pack:

  • Keeping an ice pack at the place of migraine pan can reduce it. So, place an ice pack on the site of a migraine for about 15-30 mins.

Drinking Water:

  • However drinking enough amount of water daily will reduce not only this condition but also many other problems. So, stay hydrated and reduce the pain.


  • This therapy has the power to reduce any kind of pain by stimulating specific parts with little pressure. While in the case of a migraine, the points where the pressure to be applied is a point of the third eye between the eyebrows, back of the neck, above ears, a point between thumb and index. So, by applying pressure to these points will result in reducing the pain.

Oil Massage:

  • Having a gentle oil massage will reduce the pain. So, apply lukewarm oil to your head and have a gentle massage over the head.

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