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What are Geographic Tongue Symptoms | Health Tips

Geographic Tongue Symptoms

Do you ever have a geographic map like structure on the tongue? It sounds strange right! But it is also a disease of Geographic tongue appears on the tongue. Just follow the article to know more information about the Geographic tongue and What are Geographic Tongue Symptoms and Geographic Tongue treatment.

What are Geographic Tongue Symptoms

About Geographic Tongue:

It is the harmless condition of appearing patches on the tongue. The other name is Benign migratory glossitis. This may appear other parts of the mouth. It is a self-treatable condition and can disappear in 7 days. This may also last for years also.

What are Geographic Tongue Symptoms

However, the situation has irregular patches on the pinnacle and sides of the tongue. In addition

  • Redness around the patches.
  • We have a discomfort while eating the food like hot and spicy food.
  • Patches in a couple of vicinities.
  • A raised border that can be white in color.
  • Patches of numerous sizes and shapes.
  • This develops, heal, and migrate to different components of the tongue over the years.
  • Patches that trade in length over the years.
  • These patches that last up to a year at a time.

Geographic Tongue treatment


Geographic Tongue treatment

Generally, it is a self-treatable condition. So, it is not necessary to have a medication. But the problem is that it will spread to the other parts of the mouth also. So, to overcome this

  • To speed up the healing, vegetable glycerine is very useful for it. So, soak a cotton ball in the vegetable glycerine and place it on the surface of the tongue. using this for a week can heal this condition.
  • In order to fight the infection causing this condition, apple cider vinegar is useful to maintain pH balance on the tongue. For this, mix a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with the honey and sip this solution for at least 2-3 times a day for a week will result in healing.

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