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What Does the Dark Green Poop Means | Health Tips

Dark Green Poop Means

We all know that our poop will also decide our health conditions. It includes Odor, frequency, type, and color also. Poop with brown color is ok but what if your poop is green in color. Well, to know the answer just scroll down to What Does the Dark Green Poop Means.

What Does the Dark Green Poop Means

What Does the Dark Green Poop Means

The poop in green color means of the factors mentioned below.

The food you ate:

  • If you intake food in green color will result in a change in color of poop. Because the good color food contains a large amount of chlorophyll in it. Some of the common foods that change the color of poop.
  • Green food powder, leafy vegetables, and its juice, pistachios, blueberries, broccoli,…..etc

What Does the Dark Green Poop Means eating


  • When we have antibiotics and any other medication. It will result in killing the brown staining bacteria in the intestine. Finally, the poop will remain in the green color.
  • However, iron supplements will also kill the bacteria in the intestines.

What Does the Dark Green Poop Means medication

Bile colorant:

  • There is bile a light green substance produced by the liver stored in the gallbladder. This bile helps to break down the fatty acids when we ate a meal with adequate fat. The bacteria and enzyme present in the large intestine will turn that bile from green to brown in poop form.
  • However, the green poop will remain in green color when we attacked from diarrhea. Because the bile will not work properly.

What Does the Dark Green Poop Means bile


  • This is the condition when your poop in the intestine will move quickly without turning into brown. This is because of gluten intolerance.

What Does the Dark Green Poop

Bacteria and Viruses:

  • However, our body contains lots of bacteria in its own purpose. But we intake bacteria that means in the form of food it leads to food poisoning.
  • This bacteria will flush out it with an incomplete digestion process, which will result in green color poop instead of brown.

Green Poop Means

Finally, If your poop is in green color there is something wrong with your health.

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