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What is Dental Occlusion | Types and Treatment for Dental Occlusion

What is Dental Occlusion

We observe a toothache in our mouth for no reason. But everything happens for a reason. This may be due to several oral health problems. Dental Occlusion is one of the reasons among oral health problems. But what is  Dental Occlusion ?, and Dental Occlusion treatment. To know the answers just follow the below article.

What is Dental Occlusion

About Dental Occlusion:

It is the type of Dental term which defines the connection between upper teeth and lower teeth. The teeth should connection should be perfectly connected while our teeth are in rest or chewing.

However, sometimes it leads to the wrong alignment due to some problems. And this will lead to the Malocclusion. It causes bite problems, toothache, muscle tension, headache……etc

Types of Dental Occlusion:

  • Class 1: This is a normal condition where the superior canine is present in the normal alignment.
  • The Class 2: Here the upper teeth are outward from lower teeth.
  • Class 3: In this condition, the lower teeth are inward to the lower teeth.

Dental Occlusion treatment

Dental Occlusion treatment

Adjustment of tooth 

  • Your enamel may additionally want to be carefully adjusted to meet evenly. Converting the direction and position of the slopes that manual your tooth collectively can regularly help to re-position the jaw.
  • If your dentist suspects that your signs are due to an incorrect chew, they’ll assist to improve the problem by means of supplying you with a hard plastic appliance that fits over your top or lower tooth. This appliance needs to be measured and geared up very accurately so that whilst you chew on it, all your enamel meet at precisely the equal time in a role where your muscle tissues are cozy. You may wear this all the time or simply at night time. If the appliance relieves your signs then your bite can also need to be corrected permanently. Comfort in a few sufferers is on the spot. In others, it may take a long time.

Dental shield

  • There are prepared to wear devices available which are designed to shield the teeth and help save you the TMJ from clenching and grinding.

Substitute of tooth

  • The temporomandibular joint wishes same aid from each facet of each jaw. The chewing motion is designed to paintings properly handiest when all your tooth is a gift and in the best role. Lacking tooth can also want to be replaced both with a partial denture or a bridge.

Your dentist will not usually update lacking tooth until they’re positive you have got occlusal issues.

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