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Aloe Vera Allergy Treatment | Causes and Symptoms of Aloe Allergy

Aloe Allergy

Aloe Vera is known for its anti-allergic properties but what happens when itself causes allergy? Weird, right. We believe that natural things will never have side effects, But aloe vera is one of the natural things which does not belong to that category. It may sometimes cause allergy called aloe allergy. Do you want to know more about this Aloe Allergy? If yes then refer the following details of its Causes, Symptoms and even Aloe Vera Allergy Treatment.

Aloe Vera Allergy Treatment Causes and Symptoms of Aloe Allergy

What is this Aloe Allergy

It is a type of allergy reaction which causes either when skin comes in contact with aloe vera juice or gel or taken orally. Generally, the plants belong to the family of Liliaceae like garlic, onion..etc causes allergic reactions. However, the cause may be direct or indirect i,e aloe vera mixed cosmetics, suns cream lotion, hair conditioners will also react with the skin. Apart from the external reaction, if we intake its gel or juice it may also cause diarrhoea, a birth complication in women.

The symptoms for this aloe allergy are

  • Intense Itching
  • Redness
  • Dry Skin
  • Swelling
  • Hives
  • Burning Sensation

Aloe Vera Allergy Treatment:

  • Everyone has a different type of skin. So, aloe vera reaction depends on the skin type. Not only aloe vera every new application must test on the small section of the skin on the body. If it is good then apply on the body. Finally, Testing is better before every first application.
  • Apply some Turmeric paste at the site of itching which may reduce the effects of aloe vera.
  • Even the way of application will also cause this allergy. A homemade gell with the outer green part blended might be a reason for itching. So, try to make a gel with an Inner smooth gel of aloe vera.
  • To reduce the burning sesnsation aplly hte area with some Peppermint oil and leave for 20 min.
  • The aloe vera has nearly 300 spieces. So, not all aloe vera plants are same we have to select the right plant and extract juice for application.
  • Apply small amount of Honey on the reacted area for about 15 min and then rinse off. You can feel better from itching, burning sensation, redness.
  • Address your doctor if you see any of the symptoms mentioned above as early as possible. Doctor will check the skin type and prescribe an Aloe Vera Allergy Treatment.

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