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Excessive Sweating During Pregnancy | Causes and Remedies

Excessive Sweating During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a crucial stage in every woman’s life. Because women body will go through many complications during this period which we need to care for them. Among those complications, Excessive Sweating During Pregnancy is the problem we see most in pregnant women. If you are looking for the same problem then go through the details of causes of excessive sweating, remedies for sweating in pregnancy.

Excessive Sweating During Pregnancy

Causes of Excessive Sweating:

This is the most frequent complication which we can see for pregnant women where the flow of blood increases results in feeling warmer. Generally this seating increases during nights. Moreover, Excessive Sweating is the sign of early pregnancy. Here are the causes of excessive sweating during pregnancy.

Causes of Excessive Sweating

  • As the pregnancy is confirmed the women are prescribed to take medicines. Among those Medications, like medicines for vomits, illness may also result in sweating. This may increase during nights.
  • Pregnant women need to be careful from the Infections causing germs, virus. Because this also will lead Sweating During Pregnancy.
  • After the confirmation, these pregnant women are likely to have the food whatever they want. During that time taking the Food containing spicy, caffeine will also increase the body temperature which ultimately leads to sweating.
  • It may be caused by the Changes in Thyroid Hormones produced by the thyroid gland.
  • Increase in the level of Progesterone also results in Sweating During Pregnancy.

However, giving updates about every small change during pregnancy to your doctor is the best way to avoid serious complications. Finally here are some of the remedies for sweating in pregnancy.

Remedies for Sweating in Pregnancy:

Remedies for Sweating in Pregnancy

Keep your Surroundings Cool:

  • As the pregnant women are carrying another life in their womb, their body needs extra functioning. So, it will increase the temperature of the body. It is mandatory to control the temperature increase in the body. Better to stay in an air-conditioned room as frequent as possible especially during the summer season.

Avoid too many clothes:

  • As said earlier, body temperature increases will result in sweating. So, avoid too man clothes which make you feel warmer. Try to wear light clothes. Carry a towel or handkerchief to remove the sweat from the body.

Stay Hydrated:

  • As the body loses so much of water content then it is better to stay hydrated. Drink water frequently to stay hydrated. Don’t apply lotions, Makeup on your skin. Allow your skin to breath. Drink fruit juices which makes your skin more hydrated.

Frequent Bathing:

  • Bathing more time in a day will remove the sweat and keeps you cool.

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