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How Heavy is Decidual Bleeding | Causes and Symptoms

How Heavy is Decidual Bleeding

Alert Pregnant Women!!! This topic is all about you people who are having Decidual Bleeding. Some of you came to this article for the answers regarding your questions like How Heavy is Decidual Bleeding, its symptoms, What about bleeding cramps. Well, some of you came here to know about the new word (seems like important) What is Decidual bleeding, What are its signs, When does it occur and so on,… Don’t worry this article will make you clear all your questions regarding Decidual bleeding……

How Heavy is Decidual Bleeding

What is Decidual bleeding

This is a type of bleeding that happens to pregnant women during their pregnancy. While the reason for this is the relocation of the inner lining of the uterus namely decidua to the outer uterus, Ovary…which results in shedding of tissues and leads to bleeding. Although it is common in pregnant women, it is different from normal periods.

When does decidual bleeding occur

This condition occurs in the first trimester of  Pregnancy. Mostly right after the missed periods. However, Periods and this bleeding look alike but not the same. You can observe the colour of the bleeding is red, dark brown and even pink because of dilution with body fluids.

What are the signs of decidual bleeding:

  • As this is a sign of Placenta forming, missed periods are one of the signs for decidual bleeding
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • And also heavy bleeding

However, these signs last for short period. But the other questions are How Heavy is Decidual Bleeding, What about decidual bleeding cramps

How Heavy is Decidual Bleeding

As this happens due to the shredding of lining in the uterus the tissues flow out and the flow of bleed moderates from low to heavy. Because of the change in hormones where the womb area is getting ready for a child to grow.  If in the case of very heavy bleed it may lead to the abortion also.

What about decidual bleeding cramps

Well, some women will experience cramps during this condition. Because of the changes that happen in the placenta. So, these cramps are normal during the decidual bleeding.

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