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How to Treat Hair Loss in Teen Girls | Hair Care Tips

Hair loss in Teen Girls

Teenage is the stage of life where every teen wants to have a good attire to attract others. Good attire includes a makeover, makeup, hairstyle,.. etc. What if they are losing hair at this stage? Are you the one with extreme hair loss? If yes, then you have reached the most useful article to know about How to Treat Hair Loss in Teen Girls? Well, Let us don’t go blindly to treat the hair loss without knowing the Causes. Let’s get move on to the Teenagers Hair Loss causes first.

How to Treat Hair Loss in Teen Girls

Teenagers Hair Loss Causes:

It is mandatory to know the causes of every problem we face. In that case, we have to know the cause for Teenagers Hair Loss also.

  • Most of the teenage have no proper food diet. They prefer to eat junk food mostly street food which has no nutrition at all.
  • Some teenagers like to style their hair with overstyling tricks which cause heavy damage to the hair and leads to hair loss.
  • Due to Medication of some common problems like Acne, Pimples also cause Teenagers Hair Loss.
  • Attacked by some diseases like anaemia, diabetes, thyroid…etc will also result in hair loss.
  • Even an increase in stress level also increases in hair loss at any age.
  • Most importantly, change in hormones is common in teenagers which may result in Hair Loss.
  • Vitamin Deficiency.
  • Pollution also causes some serious hair loss in teens.

How to Treat Hair Loss in Teen Girls

If you are suffering from the above causes and want to know the solution for How to Treat Hair Loss in Teen Girls. Just scroll down to below following

Proper Diet:

  • Hair contains a specific protein named keratin which keeps our hair healthy. So, include your diet with food that contains protein, iron..etc. Foods like eggs, curd, milk, soya…et are rich in protein.

Hair Loss

Trichologist Checkup:

  • Every problem has to be check form the roots where the problem actually started. So, it is better to get a trichology health checkup and know the actual reason for Teenagers Hair Loss. And follow the medication or hair treatment to reduce Hair Loss in Teen Girls.

Hair Loss in Teen Girls


  • Oiling your hair daily is the best method to protect the hair loss. Before every shower oil your hair. Coconut oil is the best among all type of hair oils. But mixing some amount of castor oil in coconut will give a shiny and damage-free hair.

Teenagers Hair

Limited Hair Styling:

  • It is common to do hair styling but make sure that heating during styling should not affect much to your hair. Instead of artificial styling, go for natural styling to reduce Teenagers Hair Loss.

Teen Girls

Shower twice a week:

  • It is important to wash your hair not on a daily basis but at least twice a week. As I said earlier oil your hair before every shower and keep your hair in condition, moisture with a non-damage conditioner after a shower.

How to Treat Hair Loss

Stress relief:

  • Practice Yoga, Meditation,..etc to reduce the stress. Massage your scalp with lukewarm oil to reduce stress and also to stimulate the scalp to regrow hair. Try some yoga poses which stimulate your hair growth again.

Teenagers Hair Loss

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